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An offer you cannot ignore!

Posted by Desmond on May 16, 2018

What if this house is the perfect fit for you? Wait! Before you skip this as one of the usual home listings, please spare a minute to read on.

Living in a well-planned, properly-executed gated community is a dream many have when considering a place to call “Home”. With many factors to consider such as location, price, build quality, architecture, etc., it can be difficult finding the perfect home. But what if we told you there is an option on the market worth considering in your search for a new home?

The Right Fit?

Located in Tema, Community 25 (Devtraco Courts), this lovely 3-bedroom house checks the right boxes in many ways. It has ample compound space for your cars, summer hut, etc. The kitchen comes well-fitted with cabinets for all your kitchen artillery for cooking up meals that will raise the roof! The master bedroom comes en-suite and spacious with wardrobes for “her” clothes and more than enough room for “his”. About security, this property is walled within a much bigger wall! Double security? Absolutely! The security guards here are well-composed, and they keep watch like soldiers overdosed on caffeine just so you can sleep peacefully at night. And there is more!

This is what the developers have to say about this lovely gated community…

Amenities At Devtraco Courts

As a leading real estate developer, Devtraco is poised to provide the very best in amenities to satisfy the varying needs of residents. For most inhabitants, security is a priority, others prefer the convenience of shopping nearby while some others make proximity to schools a strong consideration. Whatever the reason that informs your housing decision, Devtraco Courts is well-placed to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


At Devtraco Courts, all homes come connected with electricity and water supply. The estate has good motorable roads that have been asphalted for the comfort of our residents.


One of the most important benefits to living in our gated communities is the level of security we offer our residents. Access to the main entrance of Devtraco Courts is limited to mostly residents and their guests, ensuring that there is minimal entry by intruders. Some of our clusters within the estate also have security posts to add on to the level of security in the entire estate.

The Devtraco Police Station, built and donated by Devtraco, adds a reassuring security presence to the estate. Located adjacent the entrance of Devtraco Courts, the police station was built not only to serve the security needs of estate residents but the entire Community 25 and surrounding communities.

Our foresight also led us to develop a fire station for the estate. Dubbed Devtraco Fire Station, its purpose is to mitigate natural and manmade hazards that may occur. Once again our benevolence knows no end and the Devtraco Fire Station is committed to the protection of life and property in surrounding communities as well.


The Residents’ Association Keep Fit Club is one group you would want to join, engaging in track activities to foster good neighborliness and health. Some homes within the Naa Borley Enclave include an optional swimming pool. These pools were designed and installed by our technical experts to create the double effect of a beautiful facade and quality materials.

For the avid racing fans, the A1 Raceway serves to entertain and arouse a competitive edge among patrons. The A1 Raceway, one of a few GoKart racetracks in Ghana is equipped with the latest kart technology to provide you with the best racing experience. Our safety consciousness enables drivers to race in a fun and protected environment. Noise pollution is neither lost on us as we have created sound barriers to absorb a large percentage of engine sound.

Wonderland Park, an exciting play area for children is also within the Devtraco Courts gated community. The playground includes swings, slides, rocking horses and a kids’ train among others. It can also serve as an excellent location for your child’s birthday.


Quick Fix, as the name suggests will get your lunch served in no time. A variety of Continental dishes are available.

Our gated communities make our residents have at least some level of proximity to the essentials. This is a place where the essentials are not only closer to homes but a necessary gift constructed for our residents.

Our essentials include:

Residents have exclusive access to public areas – community parks and karts raceway. Our residents are to enjoy these amenities within the confines of our gated communities, and we the owners of the neighborhood are tasked with keeping the level of cleanliness and maintenance high. We aim to provide residents with high-quality communal areas that they can enjoy any time of the year.

Our community offers a degree of privacy for residents, this fosters a sense of community.

What about your children’s education?

We have placed a high value on education. With effect to that, we have a proposed school for residents in the neighborhood. We care about proximity to facilities which families place high on their list when buying a home.

If you have kids, consider how close to their school you want to be, along with school catchment areas. Obviously, living within the walking distance of them may not be possible (or practical in case of inner –city schools), but you don’t want to leave yourself stuck with a half-hour drive every morning to get the kids to class. Our gated communities have a proposed school setting to offer quality education to our cherished residents.

Your health is our priority.

We have a proposed hospital to save residents of our gated communities from heavy traffic and other challenges related to transporting a sick loved one to a hospital that is far away.

What do you think of our commercial areas?

We are offering the most cohesive and attractive living experience to our residents. Our commercial areas include a mall, various shops, and services. We aim at making our gated communities a self-contained environment.

Because of the wide array of benefits offered by our gated communities, value is retained more easily over time. Living in our gated community allows residents to take a high degree of pride in their homes while enhancing their overall investment.

One more thing, you need to come see the place.

Watch a guided tour of the Devtraco Courts here:

If you are itching to find out more about this property, get in touch with POLEN PROPERTIES to schedule a viewing already! We are excited about this property and already happy for anyone who wishes to acquire it. It is a worthy investment!


Originally listed for $108,120, you can have it with a cash offer of $90,000. That undeniably sounds great!

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